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We are committed to acquiring and nurturing outstanding businesses for the long haul, guiding them with leadership that's both exceptional and deeply rooted in strong values.

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We specialize in acquiring businesses with a promise to not only preserve but enhance the legacy you've built. We understand the dedication and effort that goes into creating a successful business, and we're committed to nurturing and growing your hard work, ensuring it continues to thrive and achieve new heights

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Our Businesses

Grupo DAM

We invest in developing areas around Mexico. We buy, renovate, and sell.

Invest in RE with us!

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Construction services to businesses.

We make your idea a reality.

Roosters Chicken N Fries

Roosters strives to give the best chicken sandwiches and tenders in Utah County

Vicky’s Chilaquiles

Vicky’s mission is to introduce a traditional Mexican breakfast to those in Utah County


We are a team of investors, but more than that, we're individuals who've lived the rollercoaster of running businesses. Our journey wasn't easy—filled with endless nights, grappling with challenges like payroll and the intricate dance of business management. Yet, through each trial and every error, we've grown. Now, we've come together, not just as professionals from various industries, but as people eager to share our stories and insights. Our mission is to nurture and support your company, helping it blossom into the vision you've always dreamed of.



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